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State laws restrict participation in the real estate rebate in the following states: AK, NJ, OK WV, KS, MO, MS, RI, KY, LA, AL, NH, OR, SD, and TN. The real estate cash rebate is available in these states only when you also obtain your mortgage loan through AgentLocate's affiliated mortgage lender. You will receive the 'buying rebate' and the $500 mortgage credit as a single credit against your mortgage loan costs to be credited at closing. This is necessary because these states do not allow real estate agents to make cash rebates of their commission directly to homebuyers or sellers. For sellers the rebate will be applied as a discount against the listing commission. Mortgages are available nationwide, with the exception of NV and PA. Real estate and mortgage services are not available in NJ. The rebate is not applicable for home purchases or sales less than $75,000.